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Super Vending Technologies

Welcome to Super Vending Technologies

It is a unit of Supervend engaged in manufacturing of Food or Beverage Automatic Hot And Cold Vending Machines and Premixes their of, under the brand name of Café CheersTM (Registered). It has been providing the best satisfactory services to its customers for last so many years.

It has also been associated with world renowned companies for more than 20 years because of its quality in providing services. Due to providing of best satisfaction to its customers , it has been able to establish its business all over India and through a chain of franchisees, in the surrounding countries also. This has happened because of the Love, Liking & Trust of its customers for which we are thankful to them by the core of our heart. The result is “steady” progress of our company.
We have sister concerns like:- M/s NIRMAL FOODS engaged since 2011 in making of ITALIAN DISHES under the brand name of VITTO, THE ITALIA. It is a company engaged in fast food chain specialized in ready to eat frozen pizza and other ITALIAN dishes which are very popular.
The aim of our company is to provide Natural, Healthy & Hygienic hot and cold breweries and food items of Best Quality to our customers.

Registration Certificates

  • ImageFSSAI
  • ImageISO
  • ImageHACCP

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